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COMFY takes care of the comfort of customers: a separate emphasis on new format stores has increased the comfort of visitors. At the entrance to the store you will see the large areas of innovation, electric vehicles and smartphones. Traditional household appliances from TVs to washing machines also have a lot of space.

Rational use of the  is the strength of the new COMFY format. The emergence of a virtual shelf in new stores has reduced the range of goods that are presented physically. In this case, segmentation of the product into virtual and real does not affect its availability. The buyer receives the required goods quickly and simply - it is delivered within 24 hours at a point of sale or home. This is one of the multichannel tasks that solves the new format.
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Gadgets and equipment can be ordered not only in the store, but also on the hot line, as well as on the site COMFY develops and evolves, offers its customers services and products that keep pace with time.

COMFY — it's an innovation in the service that improves the purchase, makes it more profitable, convenient and faster..